Nevada Association of School Boards

Executive Director—Dr. Dotty Merrill  Telephone: (775) 443-5988

Business Manager—Tom Ciesynski Telephone: (775) 846-7873

Administrative Assistant—Gloria Palmer  Telephone: (775) 657-8411

NASB Office and Large Package Shipping Address

Hawkins House—549 Court Street

Reno, NV  89501

Telephone (775) 657-8411

Fax (775) 453-1017


NASB Mailing and Small Package Shipping Address

Post Office Box 14855

Reno, NV  89507-4855

The Nevada Association of School Boards is a full-qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit Nevada corporation.


Corporate Friends

Corporate and educational friends are essential to the opportunities that the Nevada Association of School Boards can provide to the State’s 107 elected and appointed school board members as well as others in educational leadership positions.


These corporate friends offer a range of services you need every day to run and maintain your schools. From technology providers to construction to bonding, look no further! Thank you for your support.

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